Special Final Works | Course 2017/18

GARGOT, Art Center for disabled people / Marta Brugulat

Marta Brugulat / ESDAP Catalunya / Campus Olot

In a moment of increasing sensitivity to the expressions of outsider art and with the lack of spaces destined to make possible its action and dissemination, it is considered the project of an artistic creation center for disabled people, equally in professional contexts, leisure and therapeutic contexts.Gargot is a space for the creation, research, production and dissemination of art, where its main protagonists are people with disabilities. The workshops are developed in spaces that allow sharing the learning process and dialogue with other artists, as well as the creation of individual and collective projects.Due to the exceptional situation of the premises, there is a desire to honor the Devesa, making it conceptually appear into the interior of the project. The "tree trunks" will lead us to the different routes designed to link us with the artistic creation and travel into our own inner world. The "tree tops" have the intention to provoke a living space, linking at the same time, the ground floor with the first floor.

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3 December 2018 | ESDAP Catalunya, Interior design