Special Final Works | Course 2017/18

Equal / Cristina Nieto

Cristina Nieto / Campus Llotja

EQUAL is the packaging of a batch of food from the Rebost Solidari de Sabadell, which is given to 2,000 families from the association that need social help in order to guarantee their basic diet.

Nowadays, the economic crisis and the strong immigration of the past few years have generated a high level of unemployment and social exclusion, that's why EQUAL is much more than a bag. It  is a logistic packaging, it's the answer to a need that has to be solved. It's also a Christmas present fighting against the factors that generate exclusion. It's a versatile and reusable object able to create a positive change in the life of those who need it. It is an element of dissemination and an opportunity to access to social and occupational insertion.

The product consists in a set of two bags; a primary bag that carries all the food, and a secondary one that is in charge to maintain the chain of cold which can be folded up when it is not being used and kept in the outer pocket.

24 April 2019 | ESDAP Catalunya, Product Design