Adrià Tañà - Belfast, Regne Unit

I went to study at Ulster University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, which was
my first choice; so, I can’t be happier! IT HAS BEEN THE BEST EXPERIENCE

The city: Belfast is a small city (300.000 citizens) with a huge history that you
should search for it! No spoilers ;) It’s full of monuments, street art, street musicians,
and of course pubs! But be careful in Belfast beers are £4-5, so go to parties is more
expensive than Spain. Also, the city is surrounded by green landscapes that you can
see from anywhere of the city, being covered by clouds practically every day, even if
it is summer and sunny you will need a sweater, the air is colder.
The people: Everybody is really educated and friendly, they always have a smile for
you, even the security guards of clubs. But their accent is one of the most difficult to
understand; however, you get used, in a certain level…
The university: Ulster university is an incredible colossal institution, there’s no university
in Spain to compare it! Four giant campuses and building a new one! There’re buttons
in all doors for unable people; a sports centre with gym, professional football and tennis
fields, indoor stadium, … and Jacuzzi and sauna ;) I was living between two campuses,
Jordanstown where the residence is, where I actually lived; and Belfast where I studied.
So yes I had to pay every time for buses and taxis.
The lectures: It’s quite different than ESDAP, degrees are just for three years, and the
lessons are so light and free. The teacher introduces the project and the brief, giving all
the theoretical concepts, and then you start to work. You talk to the teachers, show them
your progress, and that’s it. And all projects are handed at the end of the semester.
Life: CHOOSE LIVING IN THE RESIDENCE, FOR GOD SAKE!!!! When you arrived, the
coordinators introduced you to the rest of international students from around the world.
Nobody knows each other, so everybody is very friendly! Due to all internationals lived at
the residence, I could meet them every day to walk, have drinks, study together, cook…
There’s always something to do!
Last tips:
- ASK FOR A PREPAID CARD IN YOUR BANK, that type of cards will allow you to avoid
extra taxes! If there’s something that bothers you, do something to change it, you will live
there for six months!
- Be open-minded, don’t be scared and try new things!
- Don’t – be - shy!!!
- Prepare your wallet; it’s expensive!
- Travel a lot, Ireland is astonishing!