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Ivona Nestić exhibition at ESDAP Pau Gargallo campus

Interaction between human being and space through self-portrait photography

Final thesis for Master’s Degree in Graphic Design

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Graphic Arts, course: Graphic Design


from 30th November to 15th December 2017

Space ESDAP at ESDAP Pau Gargallo campus

Ivona Nestić from University of Zagreb studied at our institution as an ERASMUS student during all the academic year 16/17, where she worked on the final thesis for her Master’s Degree in Graphic Design. She offers a short summary of her work in the following lines.

“I took these photographs as part of my final project, which I started during my Erasmus exchange at ESDAP Catalunya/Badalona Pau Gargallo campus during the academic year 16/17. All the photographs were taken in Barcelona.

Self-portraits have always been present in art – through painting, sculpture and later, photography. What makes self-portraits in photography so interesting is the fact that they are accessible to everyone and can convey messages in a faster and easier way. Every person –not just artists– can create their own image. This possibility has evolved into millions of “selfies” which we can see nowadays. Any form of self-portrait has also the potential to be a useful tool for self-analysis and/or therapy, as well as artwork itself.

In this selected series of photographs you can see the different types of original self-portraits. The first three photographs were taken with a Nikon D7000, set on a tripod and shot with a timer delay. The composition was hard to adjust and there was much experimenting on it. The next two “selfies” were taken to research different ways of using the mobile phone front camera to capture interesting compositions and information in visual messages. The last two photographs were taken in studio. The elements (objects) on them are used as symbols describing the “self”. In the end, we don’t even need a person to convey the message about the person in the picture – which, in fact, deepens on the meaning and understanding of the self-portrait.”

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30 November 2017 | ESDAP, Exhibitions