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ESDAP Catalunya at the BID 2017

ESDAP has participated in the 7º encuentro BID de Enseñanza y diseño. Matadero, Madrid.
"El ENCUENTRO BID de Centros de Enseñanza de Diseño" is a platform for meetings, discussions and coordinations of the Ibero-American Community of Design Education Centers, convened by DIMAD in the framework of the Latin American Biennial of Design (IDB).

ESDAP has presented final projects of the alumni Yannick Buchs, Gisela Solé and Robert Palau. The jury, formed by: Flaviano Celaschi (Italy), Carlos Hinrichsen (Chile), Ruth Klotzel (Brazil), Ligia Lopes (Portugal), Felipe Londoño (Colombia) and Daniel Wolkowicz (Argentina) selected:


25 November 2017 | ESDAP, Conferences