Special Final Works | Course 2015/16

En blanc / Catalina Bagur

The Final Project degree ‘en blanc’ is an academy and residence of designers. The issue ari-ses from the observation that the catalan scene deficiency arises as to space for the production and training of designers. ‘en blanc’ pretend to respond to this need, raising an academy and student resi-dence design focused on host university and non-university profiles. All in order to encourage creative and cultural process in this area. The project would take place in three buildings located can Mantega Gardens in Sants (Barcelona). The beginning of this project and the number of buildings it contains is the fundamental part of the concept: the white and the number three. The beginning is always white, is light, it is empty, purity and perfection; and number three represents the symbol of the same institu-tion that is also the symbol of the Earth, which provides water, air and heat; three concepts that are considered to project.
1 February 2017 | ESDAP Barcelona Deià, Interior design