Special Final Works | Course 2015/16

Fracting: pack de lluita contra el fracking / Gisela Solé

Gisela Solé / ESDAP Barcelona Llotja

Fracting is an anti fracking “pack”. Designed as a campaign that wants to raise awareness of the dangers about this technique with actions in nature and in the threatened environments. Departing with a serie of interventions made by the author in nature, these show metaphorically, the environmental impacts caused by fracking. It also proposes a serie of easy interventions for the user to act on his environment also spreading these dangers. It is a project that invites action and all the elements that make up the “Fracting pack” are designed to put them into practice and generate action: either hang up posters, starting a chain of messages between neighbors or other alert interventions. Fracting gives you all the necessary material to inform yourself and take action with the prupose of raising awareness, protest and fight to remove fracking.
3 February 2017 | ESDAP Barcelona Llotja, Graphic design