Special Final Works | Course 2015/16

Funny Type / Alberto Guillén

Alberto Guillén / ESDAP VIC
As student of graphic design I think that typography is very important in our profession, provide a different approach to the subject to make it more entertaining, and the student may be more interested in this field. That is why I created Funny Type, through the set of pieces, created with 3D printer, would be an easiest way to understand the structure of each font, in addition, to reinforce this concept, a book has been created, where we can see how the typography has evolved, and the names of each part of the characters’ anatomy. It is intended to be an open source project, means that each School/University that wants to adopt this method, can download for free the drawings and book, print it for themselves, and improve it if they want, to share again. The packaging is also thought to evolve, can fit more typography drawers, just printing again the two small pieces of closing.
18 June 2017 | ESDAP Vic, Graphic design