Special Final Works | Curs 2019/20

Com cal / Corina Durante

Corina Durante / ESDAP Catalunya / Campus Olot

The lack of options ensuring fluent contact between establishments and suppliers –or, more accurately– of a platform for contact, is now no longer a problem. There are always more local suppliers than we are aware of and many businesses miss out on locally sourced products because of a lack of communication.
La Garrotxa, the region in which this project is set, boasts some exceptional local produce and its own cuisine. Com cal is intended to provide a tool or means for communication between suppliers and local establishments. The application creates a network for publicizing local products and businesses and for expanding their potential range of options. The project involves different study points, the creation of branding, web design and an application.

The result is an interactive, organic, and appealing design that helps to modernize purchase-sale habits and facilitates online presence through an app. The Com cal brand defines the region’s values, champions local trade, and helps to promote regional products. The way in which the project works can also be observed in a brand promotion process.


Keywords: local product, La Garrotxa region, application, restaurateurs, local suppliers, communication, development

20 October 2020 | ESDAP Catalunya, Graphic design