Raül Lara - Augsburg, Alemània

Honestly, choosing Augsburg as my Erasmus destination was by far one of the best choices i’ve

ever made in my life. Lets start from the beginning: the whole erasmus process is a big long
bureaucracy paperwork and it’s always very hard to choose a place to go because in most cases
all of the information about the life in the university or the subjects is not updated. I trusted 
going to Germany because I had already visited some German cities and they all have this very
safe, local, interesting vibe that I was eager to experience in first hand.
I just chose all the subjects I could because there’s not that many in English and I needed the 30
ects credits. But i would recommend you all to take the German intensive course before starting
classes. Thanks to that I was able to learn a bit of German to use in supermarkets or bars
and I also got to know a lot of Erasmus friends (most of them I still talk to).
The university of Augsburg (Hochschule) is definitely the best one I’ve ever attended: having in mind how
small Augsburg is, the university has a lot of services, a big mensa (cafeteria) with very
low prices, a photography lab and place to borrow cameras, a reprography facility  to print, etc.

Most teachers speak English but some do a mix of English and German because a lot of
Germans also take the English courses. It’s divided by projects mostly: except some classes like
life drawing, contemporary art and design, etc.
For me language was a big barrier that i was able to break easily: most Germans know a bit of
English and with all of the Erasmus you always use English, so it wasn't such a big deal.
I would advice all of you to allow yourself to discover the city, since it’s very beautiful and to
always go out to all of the events organized by the Hoschchule for the Erasmus, that way you can
always get to know people.