Special Final Works | Curs 2019/20

Dixi / Víctor Cabello

Víctor Cabello / ESDAP Catalunya / Campus Llotja

The Dixi project is intended to offer access to Catalan sign language (CSL) and to encourage a broader public to learn it using digital means.

A simple-to-use, easy-going mobile application introduces users to Catalan sign language through short video lessons that combine education and fun, thus creating an entertaining and easy-to-assimilate experience. The application also offers a glossary for consulting signs already learned and allows users to record signs they know that do not appear on the app. These signs can be shared with other users to create a community.

While the screens are loading, interesting and useful information about the deaf community and sign languages is shown. This helps to combat disinformation and the invisibilization of a minority scarcely represented in the media.

Keywords: Catalan sign language, deaf community, application, interactive, learning

14 October 2020 | ESDAP Catalunya, Graphic design