Special Final Works | Curs 2019/20

FanYu/ Eduardo Fernàndez

Eduardo Fernández / ESDAP Catalunya / Campus Pau Gargallo

How can we encourage students not to drop out of school?

The FanYu project addresses this question. The proposal arose from concern regarding the high rate of drop-outs in Spain. It has a clear goal: to motivate students by helping them to discover their talents.
FanYu emerged from a process of research and takes the form of a company that centralizes the teaching of the elective subject in high schools. It offers a broad range of activities that explore subjects of all kinds, ranging from drawing and videogame design to fishing and robotics. If any of the activities should appeal to students, they can sign up onsite at the FanYu centre, where all the activities take place after school.
A webpage has been created to show all the courses graphically and to sign up. It also has a section entitled Fan Sessions, in which current and former students can be viewed recounting their personal experiences in pursuing their passions.
Both the website and the general corporate image of FanYu are heavily influenced by illustration and 3D animation, both of which give it an innovative and attractive appearance for today’s young people. A ‘Brandbook’ on how to use these graphics properly has also been created. It provides a series of instructions for obtaining a homogeneous and easily identifiable image.

Keywords: talent, self-knowledge, motivation, guide, web

27 April 2021 | ESDAP Catalunya, Graphic design