Special Final Works | Curs 2019/20

Segons / Clara Santolaria

Clara Santolaria / ESDAP Catalunya / Campus Llotja

The purpose of Segons (Seconds) is to make sure that meetings are quick, simple, and efficient. The project involves the use of a mobile device and application that improves the experience and also acts as an assistant.

The product is intended to meet the needs of companies in which employees waste up to 18% of their time at meetings and also to optimize time at talks, conferences and presentations. It is an innovative product on the market that brings economic benefits and greater wellbeing as it improves time management.

The device facilitates the meeting visually and indicates when the points on the meeting’s agenda have been dealt with or when someone is talking too much. It does so through luminous notifications that do not interrupt speakers as sound signals would. The app also enables participation by those who have not been able to attend the meeting.

The mobile application can be programmed to schedule the meeting and tempos in advance, add attendees and prepare decisive voting procedures by offering different systems of questions. During the meeting, the app manages time and chairs the contributions of attendees by means of a flashing function on the device.

This is complemented with a record of decisions and voice memos that are stored during the meeting. Another extra function is the option of sharing files and uploading others from ‘Google Suite’ applications.

The device is manufactured in ABS and silicone and has a handle for easy carrying or to hang it up. Its powerful battery offers autonomous use of over one hour.

 Keywords: facilitator, assistant, optimization, time management, facilitator, interface, device, meetings.

24 November 2020 | ESDAP Catalunya, Product Design