Special Final Works | Curs 2019/20

Puntos invisibles / Anna Blancafort

Anna Blancafort / ESDAP Catalunya / Campus Vic

The Puntos invisibles (Invisible points) project is focused on design and therefore on society. The idea is to establish a co-creation space for designers, people with visual diversity and projects. This has yielded a space for interaction, experimentation and the validation of projects based on emotion, highlighting the senses and sensory experience of people with little or no sense of sight.

The project is approached from the perspective of both designers and users in today’s society, with a focus on social problems, and it posits design as a need and an acknowledgement that there also exist other kinds of non-visual perceptual capabilities.

Society needs new experiences and design should move us. All that is essential is invisible to the eyes, yet everything visual currently accounts for 95%.

 Keywords: co-creation, experimentation, validation, emotion, visual diversity


15 April 2021 | ESDAP Catalunya, Interior design