Special Final Works | Curs 2018/19

'Sumem' / Ester lleixa

Ester Lleixà / ESDAP Catalunya / Campus Serra i Abella

Bullying is a very serious problem in our schools. It makes the lives of not only victims harder, but also of all those around him or her as it makes the school environment a place of insecurity and emotional distress for the entire educational community: students, parents and educators. Sumem is a project that features different educational materials, which include games and stories for working on in the classroom.

The project involves collaboration with teachers and helps to detect problems that may be arising in the classroom. The objective of the method is to foster empathy and respect among children and thus reduce conflicts that may arise in the classroom. This project is addressed to 3rd year children, which is the age when the problems due to school bullying occur. Sumem tackles emotions that appear because of bullying and looks at the different types of students involved –victims, aggressors and also observers– and at the role each plays in the phenomenon with a view to improving coexistence among children.

17 December 2019 | ESDAP Catalunya, Graphic design