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Color Your Life

Daelim Museum presents COLOR YOUR LIFE, an exhibition of works by leading contemporary designers and global brands on the theme of color, from February 25 to August 21, 2016. This exhibition introduces the processes by which color combines with creative designs of diverse materials to produce new objects that transform our everyday lives.

The exhibition begins with a journey of rediscovery, casting new light on the hidden colors around us through the color-themed photographs of six artists. This is followed by a series of examples of the textures created when color meets materials such as glass, fabric, leather and metal. The exhibition continues with an exploration of the creative processes by which contemporary furniture designers from around the world achieve new developments in color, before concluding with a display of interior designs combining 2016 color trends with masterpiece furniture by leading international designers. The progressive composition of the exhibition, moving from everyday colors to their combinations with other materials, their development through design processes and, finally, their expansion to fill spaces, offers viewers the chance to experience color from a multitude of angles.
12 May 2016 | ESDAP Badalona Pau Gargallo, Exhibitions