Special Final Works | Curs 2018/19

Gridless / Víctor Xandri

Víctor Xandri / ESDAP Catalunya / Campus Llotja

Gridless is a research project that explores the possible variations established when the base grid is adapted to different formats. Interlined, margins, column width, justification and other features have been studied to understand how they vary in each case and to automate the adaptation process.

The project, which ends with a “variable” grid system, is a tool aimed at designers who are seeking to increase efficiency when adapting graphics to different formats, media and devices. There are specifically 11, either analogue or digital, all of which are commonly used.

It is therefore an efficient, convenient solution that streamlines projects and therefore leaves more time for the creative process. In order to clarify the concepts studied, a website with different functionalities for developing variable grids has been created. Lastly, the improvements yielded by the study have been reflected in a campaign. It is therefore possible to view the process of adaptation and the host of potential offered by Gridless in each of the 11 formats.

17 March 2020 | ESDAP Catalunya, Graphic design