Who run the cyper? / Aina Carrillo

Aina Carrillo / ESDAP Catalunya / Campus Llotja

The project is about a women’s hip hop collective called “Who run the cypher?”. Its main aim is to draw attention to women’s role in urban culture where their significance or talent are not always taken into account.

To solve this issue I have created the collective’s visual communication and a campaign to motivate those who wish to take part and to raise the awareness of people who were hitherto unaware about the problem. The campaign is both offline and online.

Offline there is a series of informative, corporate posters. Online social media feature instagram content and a mobile responsive landing page with information about the collective. There is also merchandising for the campaign that includes t-shirts, a tote bag and stickers. The visual communication uses urban, modern and striking resources to facilitate access to its target and to place hip hop culture in context.

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