Special Final Works | Curs 2018/19

Cerca de ti (Close to you) / Andrea Luque

Andrea Luque / ESDAP Catalunya / Campus Pau Gargallo

A child's death during pregnancy, childbirth or just a few days after birth leads to a grieving process that is often ignored or disregarded by society, as we do not contemplate encountering death when what we expect is life. Parents in such a devastating situation may therefore feel desolate and not understood by the community and socially isolated, even from their closest relations.

After several interviews with mothers and fathers affected and with perinatal grief associations, the project "Cerca de ti" (Close to you)" arose. With it, I intend to provide a tool to help these families feel understood and to create the memories they were unable to experience of their child and thus endorse his or her existence.

This book is divided into three chapters. The first is entitled "Nuestra historia (Our Story)" and features a lead character who tells of her experience and empathizes with the reader. The second, "¿Y ahora qué? (And now what?)" deals with aspects and possible physical and psychological changes that may be suffered during mourning. The last is the chapter "Cerca de ti (Close to you)" in which readers can find many ideas and activities to help to make the memories of his/her son/daughter palpable and to devote family time to honour his/her existence.

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