Special Final Works | Curs 2018/19

Santisssima / Andrea Calvo

Andrea Calvo / ESDAP Catalunya / Campus Llotja

Holy Week in Seville is not an easy experience to explain and can be viewed simply as folklore. It gave rise to the Santisssima project, an informative campaign about Holy Week in Seville that offers a new, closer-at-hand perspective with a view to reaching a wider audience. Santisssima’s website and online store provide a publicity tool that increases awareness of the campaign.

The project is intended to bring the aesthetics of this event up-to-date by providing a new identity and thus reflect on the most emotional and cultural aspects of Holy Week. In addition it is also very functional as it encourages better decision-making as regard street safety and access.

Santisssima refers to the feeling of identity created during that week and seeks to display it graphically. It shows people on foot and creates duality between the sacred or spiritual and the mundane. It also offers a more conceptual view of Holy Week and reflects on “the unexplainable” that transcends faith.

1 April 2020 | ESDAP Catalunya, Graphic design