My veggie patch. Personal fallow spaces / Josep Motas

Josep Motas / ESDAP Catalunya / Campus Olot

Life in the city, consumerism and a constant lack of time give rise to both a physically and mentally unhealthy lifestyle.

To encourage values that have been warn away by a city lifestyle, the project involves the lease of single-family vegetable gardens, short-stay housing, areas for socializing, advice and training on horticulture, and healthy cooking, etc. for people from 25 to 65 years old, with a medium/medium-high economic and cultural level who live in cities, who are affected by the stress generated by city life, and who are interested in ecology and healthy eating.

The centre is located in rural surroundings but connected to the city by public transport. This system is designed as a franchise adaptable to different areas with the same characteristics. The idea is to use old Renfe stations that have fallen into disuse as a result of the growth of nearby cities, cheaper road transport, and technological improvements.

The project is divided into three types of space:
  1. The Station, which includes the company’s management area, the management of an organic basket delivery service, an area for training, a rest area, a bathroom and toilet area, and a common area for socializing and for holding different events such as a vegetable market, meals, conferences, etc., which will also have a bar and a store for community tools such as wheelbarrows and power tillers.
  2. Assorted short-term housing (weekends or fortnights) where maximum flexibility of space will be sought and which will encourage user activity in the outside or community areas.
  3. Single-family gardens with a small individual space where users can rest, store tools and other materials and that also contains a water tank for irrigation.