Special Final Works | Curs 2018/19

Coopera Lluçanès / Iris Selva

Iris Selva / ESDAP Catalunya / Campus Vic

All local regions offer a wide range of opportunities that are often missed or go acknowledged. It is therefore important to establish dialogue and support channels in the Lluçanès region in order to engage with the local community and economy.

This project is intended to provide a useful tool for the creation of new cooperative companies and help to develop more competitive and sustainable business networks in the area. Although it is an unfamiliar area for locals, the aim is to encourage their participation in a collaborative and engaging platform, which will provide connection among users so they may share experiences, develop ideas or create new projects.

This platform is available through a website that provides basic information about this economic model, the steps that need to be taken to establish it and, lastly, a network for establishing new relationships. In order to reach the majority of residents, the website will be promoted through an offline communication campaign of informative leaflets, posters and stationery.

The value of the project essentially lies in cooperation and collaboration, which will be manifest at “Les Jornades Coopera” (Cooperative Sessions), a series of events that will both inform and strengthen links and thus encourage a comprehensive service to ensure proper development of this new economy.


8 November 2019 | ESDAP Catalunya, Graphic design