Special Final Works | Curs 2018/19

Atzavara collections / Anna Busquets

Atzavara collections / ESDAP Catalunya / Campus Llotja

Atzavara Collection arose from a need to feel at ease with oneself and to discover possible ways in which humans can achieve their own corporal and mental well-being. Based on a global analysis of what is happening around the world, the project addresses issues such as globalization, climate change and labour exploitation in the fashion industry. From the outset it is therefore struggling to encourage dress differentiation, to respect the environment and to do so entirely ethically.

The project was initiated because of a need to create clothing that induces the wearer’s well-being in order to improve his or her quality of life. It involves combining a number of factors such as comfortable design, suitable materials, sustainable fabrics, ethical employment practices, etc. and for users inevitably to oppose “fast fashion” garments. The concept of synergy is studied to ensure maximum combination and cooperation among all elements and processes in order to yield a better result.

As a basic concept for the Atzavara collection uses the notion of health and well-being, which, after a research methodology in the media, was confirmed to be a recurring theme in today's society. The inspiration for the design comes from the energy transmitted by the planet and, more specifically, by nature. Warp knitting was used for the collection because it is pleasant and offers comfort, while the other fabrics used are wool, silk, and cotton to avoid plastic at all times. In gathering all the tiny ingredients for the garments of the five sets created, Atzavara transports users to an oasis of comfort.

19 February 2020 | ESDAP Catalunya, Fashion Design