Special Final Works | Curs 2018/19

Can Rigal, popular athenaeum of musical creation / Arnau Tolosa

Arnau Tolosa / ESDAP Catalunya / Campus Deià

Art is a powerful weapon of social transgression. It is a tool that breaks with the oppressive chains of a system that fosters an acritical, grey and alienated public, often frustrated by an inability to fulfil themselves freely.
This is what gave rise to Can Rigal, the Popular Athenaeum for musical creation. Located in the abandoned house from which it gets its name, it is a large space where residents and neighbourhood associations can meet to work on tasks that educate and disseminate creative freedom as a way to express themselves freely, thus bringing new colour to this grey society.
It is focused on new generations, upon whom social evolution depends. Music provides a channel of communication and expression with an art they are familiar with and feel close to. The space is therefore endowed with a whole musical infrastructure that makes these activities possible and provides young people access to material required for artistic creation and production, which is not available to everyone. Any musician or amateur group can thus learn to compose with the workshops and classes that are taught in the multipurpose rooms. They can practice and perfect their ideas in rehearsal rooms available for rent or they can complete the process professionally by recording songs in the recording studios provided by Can Rigal. Lastly, they can offer them to the public in the outdoor and indoor areas assigned to live music.
This project establishes Can Rigal as a neighbourhood social centre. The cafeteria, the gardens surrounding the park, and the Athenaeum’s spaces for free use make it a meeting point for neighbourhood locals and friends.

19 September 2019 | ESDAP Catalunya, Interior design