Special Final Works | Curs 2018/19

Nestor / Mariona Casares

Mariona Casares / ESDAP Catalunya / Campus Llotja

Nestor is a piece of furniture that is used to leave and retrieve everything we usually carry around in our everyday live. It is an auxiliary item and can be left in the home’s hall or in a bedroom.

The goal of this project is to transport the different types of objects that we carry around when we move about. One important feature of Nestor is its transport capacity, as it has two rear wheels and a handle. This simplifies possible movements.

It has several functions: first, it has a container with a 30-litre storage capacity, a hangar-shaped bar to for hanging jackets or other elements on and which can also be used as a handle for transport purposes. Nestor also has a small tray-shaped shelf and is equipped with a 3-port USB charger for charging electronic devices such as mobile phones, drones, GoPros, portable batteries, etc.

Nestor’s main structure is made in steel while the elements in its container and auxiliary shelf are in plastic. It has a white polyester powder finish. This item is intended as a versatile piece of furniture to match various Z-generation lifestyles. Nestor welcomes you home and offers you a new way of storing your most valuable items.

15 May 2020 | ESDAP Catalunya, Product Design