Special Final Works | Curs 2018/19

Colmado / Irene Figueres

Irene Figueres / ESDAP Catalunya / Campus Pau Gargallo

Grocer’s shops (colmados), which were very popular in the mid-twentieth century, are currently in danger of dying out just like other emblematic and historic shops in Barcelona.

Colmado is a font type designed to give a voice to the owners of historic, emblematic shops in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter and to show their graphic wealth and heritage. It is inspired by the signs of these shops and in the Catalan Art Nouveau tradition, as gentrification, taxation, the growth in the cost of leases, mass tourism, money-laundering, large corporations and changes in consumer habits are erasing the identity of entire districts and establishing a standard, globalized city in which there is no longer any place for the trades, shops and words that define our culture.

The project features the completely functional OpenType format font and a printed part of font apps produced for a guerrilla advertising campaign, plus a book that serves as a sample and also reflects the conversations I have had with the owners while this performing this project. There is also an audio-visual document about the action prior to the guerrilla campaign and live interaction with the target.

14 May 2020 | ESDAP Catalunya, Graphic design