Alexander Caballero - Ulster University

Ulster University

from the 24th to the 26th of April 2018

A few words about my experience

My mobility at Ulster University was an enriching, supportive, instructive and positively shocking experience. I was surprised by the structure of the different courses. At the first course (or course 0 - foundation) the students explore differents areas and work with the indispensable concepts related with art and design. At the second course they choose an itinerary (Animation, Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Photography and so on).  In any of the scenarios they do two subjects per semester where the pupils are taught the same concepts we teach in more than 5 different subjects per semester. They are more focused on work in projects instead doing small excercises. 
On the other hand, I felt very welcome by Louis and his team, and also by the students at Belfast Univeristy. They let me participate in their workshops and solved any doubt I had.

Do I recommend an international Erasmus mobility?
Absolutely, this experience allows you to meet other professionals, see how they work and learn new techniques to add in your methodology. Besides, it gives you a
chance to enjoy a new culture; you can sightsee in your free time and visit museums, parks and try different food. In addition it is an excellent opportunity to practise your language skills. The Irish accent is quite different but it only takes a couple of days to get used to it.