Special Final Works | Course 2017/18

Reality Rumor / Sergi Soler

Sergi Solé / ESDAP Catalunya / Campus Serra i Abella

Realitat rumor (Reality Rumour) is a campaign focused to the native people from Barcelona. Its main goal is fighting against discriminatory rumours and improve intercultural cohabitation in the city.The campaign is characterized by a concise tone, whose the intention is transmitting credibility and security.

Its priority is providing the maximum understanding of the information. The campaign involves a wide range of supports based on mupis (urban furniture for the presentation of information), banners for street lamps, brochures, a newspaper-kind publication, a TV commercial and finally, a web centring the project.

► Vídeo

24 April 2019 | ESDAP Catalunya Campus Serra i Abella, Graphic design