Special Final Works | Course 2017/18

CYCLE / Judit Almeda

Judit Almeda / ESDAP Catalunya / Campus Olot

There is a global problem that can be summarized in two words: Fast Fashion. It consists of an indiscriminate consumption of clothing, driven by the model based on the speed imposed by the large textile chains. These companies do not create only two annual collections; their stores renew their clothes every few weeks. Some of these brands produce more than 100,000 million pieces every year and sell them at an affordable price. This means that each person in our country trow away between 7 and 14 kg of clothes per year and at some point has to decide what to do with the old ones.

CICLE would be the branch of a great company and its purpose is to give a second use to clothes. CICLE would give the chance to young entrepreneurs to be part of the project.
The pieces in this space would be totally unique and different, as they would be redesigned by fashion designers with a fairly young and creative target.


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24 January 2019 | ESDAP Catalunya, Interior design