Studying at ESDAP

Design in the artistic context of the twenty-first century has become an increasingly significant feature on the complex map of creation that has emerged with the appearance of new technologies and their impact on post-Fordist society, known as the society of knowledge and information.

Given this transformation and the challenges it raises, within the framework of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), in 2010 the Department of Education of the Government of Catalonia created the Escola Superior de Disseny i Arts Plàstiques de Catalunya (ESDAP), which teaches the Advanced Qualification in Design (equivalent to a university degree) in the four specialities that exist to date: Graphic, Interior, Fashion and Product design.
[Study of image in the world of fashion, in the process of constructing identities and collections].

INTERIOR / SPACE [Study of the language of space, its organisation, and the dialogue between proportion and deconstruction in the contemporary world]

PRODUCT / OBJECT [Study of objects, their impact and role in transforming social environments; production systems: uses and requirements].

GRAPHIC / ADVERTISING [Study of the organisation and the role of image in communication, its architecture: seduction and transgression]
There follows a list of values that define the ESDAP Catalunya, which provides the framework for teaching the Advanced Qualification, as verified by the University Quality Agency:

Territoriality, the institution has seven campus distributed throughout Catalonia:
Barcelona: Llotja campus and Deià campus / Badalona: Pau Gargallo campus/ Hospitalet de Llobregat: Serra i Abella campus / Olot: Olot campus / Tàrrega: Ondara campus / Vic: Vic campus.

Education for the public based on the pursuit of quality and excellence in a 240-credit educational programme run in small groups of a maximum of 25 students, that combines specificity and inter-disciplinary study in its specialities.

It strives to foster creativity and innovation and to encourage international mobility, with a view to preparing its students to respond to society’s changing knowledge and information scenarios.

1. Entrance requirements: a) a high school certificate or proof of having passed university entrance exams for people over 25 years of age, and b) successful completion of a specific entrance examination.
2. People over the age of eighteen who do not have a high school certificate can be admitted to higher artistic education by passing a specific examination regulated and organised by the department responsible for education, which certifies that the applicant has the maturity necessary for the successful completion of the high school certificate and the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to take full advantage of the corresponding education. b) Successful completion of a specific entrance examination.

+ information:  Futur students
Oferta de places a l'ESDAP Catalunya

Descarrega't l'oferta de places per al curs 21/22

Totes les sessions es realitzaran online.

Estigueu atents a les properes sessions de Portes Obertes (Abril/Maig) i a la informació d'aquest web (Alumnat/Futurs Alumnes).
Tots els inscrits rebreu la informació al mail de referència que ens heu proporcionat al formulari d'inscripció.

Properes sessions:

19 dimecres maig – 16:00h -17:00h (info general-admissió/inscripció) // 17:00h -18:00h (consultes específiques de les 4 especialitats)

Sessions realitzades:

Programació de sessions del mes d'abril:
22 dijous abril – 16:00h -17:00h (info general + admissió/inscripció)  // 17:00h -18:00h (consultes específiques de les 4 especialitats)

Programació de sessions del mes de març:
Dimecres 17 Matí (de 14:00h a 15:00h) - Info general + admissió
Dimecres 17 Tarda (de 16:00h a 17:00h) - Info general + admissió
Dijous 18 Matí (d'11:00h a 12:00h) - Disseny de Moda
Dijous 18 Matí (de 12:00h a 13:00h) - Disseny d'Interiors
Dijous 18 Matí (de 13:00h a 14:00h) - Disseny Gràfic
Dijous 18 Matí (de 14:00h a 15:00h) - Disseny de Producte
Dijous 18 Tarda (de 16:00h a 17:00h) - Mobilitat Internacional i Pràctiques Professionals
Dijous 18 Tarda (de 17:00h a 18:00h) - Disseny Gràfic
Dijous 18 Tarda (de 18:00h a 19:00h) - Disseny d'Interiors

Divendres 19 Tarda (de 16:00h a 17:00h) - Info general + admissió
Divendres 19 Tarda (de 17:00h a 18:00h) - Disseny de Producte
Divendres 19 Tarda (de 18:00h a 19:00h) - Disseny de Moda

Dissabte 20 Matí (de 12:00h a 13:00h) - Info general + admissió
Dissabte 20 Tarda (de 16:00h a 17:00h) - Info general + admissió

Programació de sessions del mes de febrer:

Dimarts 23 Matí (de 12:00h a 13:00h) - Info general + admissió
Dimarts 23 Tarda (de 16:00h a 17:00h) - Info general + admissió

Duration: 4 years. Semester-based structure.
Credits: 240 credits (60 per year)
Class Schedule: moorning or afternoon, depending on the campus
Class hours: morning or afternoon, depending on the site.
2019-2020 price: 21.73 euros per credit. In the first year, students must enrol for 60 first-year credits.

+ public prices info: DOGC 6374

  • Campus Pau Gargallo. Molí de la Torre, 16, 08915 Badalona, t. 933 99 76 52, f. 933 87 33 34, email : (Disseny Gràfic)
  • Campus Deià. Ignasi Agustí 2-4, 08042  Barcelona, Tel. 933 546 073 | Fax. 932 762 386, email: (Disseny d’Interiors)
  • Campus Llotja. Ciutat de Balaguer 17, 08022, Barcelona.  tel.(+34) 93 4181720    fax.93 4188608    email : (Disseny Gràfic-Disseny d’Interiors-Disseny de Moda-Disseny de Producte)
  • Campus Serra i Abella. Jerusalem 2b 08902,  L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Tel. 933 366 810 | Fax. 932 631 531, email: (Disseny Gràfic)
  • Campus Olot. Pare Antoni Soler 1, 17800 Olot (Girona) , Tel. 972 262 403 | Fax. 972 272 784, email: (Disseny Gràfic-Disseny d’Interiors)
  • Campus Ondara. Plaça del Centenari, s/n, 25300, Tàrrega (Lleida), Tel.  973 310 486 | Fax  973 501 183, email: (Disseny Gràfic-Disseny d’Interiors)
  • Campus Vic. Rambla de Sant Domènec,24 · 08500 Vic, Tel. 938 854 851 | Fax. 938 833 729, email: (Disseny Gràfic-Disseny d’Interiors)