Jiawei Ni, ESAM Design, Paris, França

ESAM Design (Ecole Supérieure des Arts Modernes) is a private institution for technical higher education. In this quite small place, located in area 17 of Paris, they teach Graphic Design, Interior Architecture and interior Design.
I did my whole-year Erasmus mobility at this school during the third year of my Graphic Design degree.
First, ESAM is a demanding school and it makes you work a lot. The earliest class time of the day is 9 o'clock and the latest class time is 19 o'clock. Every day, when you arrive at the school, you have to sign on a paper to prove your attendance.
Almost every week you have to deliver your work for different subjects (in my case it was more or less 10 subjects for each semester). For each semester the school organises workshops for students, and during the course they organise a trip because later the students have to create a magazine for the trip that they've done.
All the teachers speak French. If you don't understand something, you can ask some teacher that speaks English because not all of them do. At the end of the course you have to do a portfolio with all the projects that you've done during the course and the last day you have to present it to a “jury”.
Secondly, I would like to say that it was very difficult to find a place to live in Paris not because there are not enough places but because all the landlords will ask you for a guarantor (they prefer a French person) and if you don’t have one, they would ask you to pay the rent for 6 months in advance (sometimes they will ask for the full rent).
Finally, I think Erasmus experience is a unique personal experience and it makes you stronger as a person.