Alex del Fresno - Matosinhos, Portugal

Um ano na ESAD Matosinhos e no Porto

From the first day I was hugely impressed by the welcome of this school situated between the old and beautiful city of Porto and the fishing village of Matosinhos. Personally, I was supposed to stay six months but it was impossible to leave a place where I was already feeling home after three months. I stayed one year.
What I preferred the most in the school was the contact with the teachers, professionals who you could speak and interact easily. Teachers that they help you at any time and they give you the best ideas to improve your knowledge and style in design. I remember the first day of class in Projects of Communication, the teacher Susana Fernando asks me what I felt about the school style. I said, the importance they give on the creativity and the artistic character mixed with the graphic design and his technical character. Something like a mix between graphic design and fine arts studies. The facilities of the school are also so competent: the possibility to use a photo studio and a video studio whenever you want and always being helped by professionals and having tips to improve on image. The flowed contact with Antonino and Marta was good as well - thanks to them to letting me one year in ESAD.
It’s crazy how your mind become more and more opened over the time and how you learn from different nationalities and people you meet.
Moreover, my Erasmus experience became a local experience after some weeks, cause I started to be with and met Portuguese students that showed me their culture, their way of life and their surroundings, thing that changed my year and with whom I’ll be always grateful. They know who they’re and they know that I’ve never been as happy in my life as I was in Porto.
Know the locals because they’re the most opened people I’ve ever met. Be interested and don’t stay with your people, get out of your comfort zone.
The city of Porto is just beautiful, full of gardens and opened air spaces, tasty restaurants and old cafés, abandoned places with a long story behind, an opportunity to try surfing as long as you go down of Matosinhos, a huge art and design culture showed in the city through posters and street art, and a happy and important nightlife mood with different kind of musics and alternative clubs. Seize the opportunity to travel and move around cause is the best I could do, a lot of trips and weekends shared my friends, from the Portuguese coast between Porto and Lisboa, passing by the Açores islands - the wildest and calmest place I’ve ever been to - and the National Park of Gerês, being also in the Vasque French Country and ending in the city of Berlin as a whim.
Sempre vou agradecer as pessoas que deixarem me entrar nas suas vidas e que nunca me deixarem solzinho, se não que ao contrario, abrirem os seus braços e partilharem o seu dia-a-dia comigo. Esta experiência mudou a minha maneira de tratar das coisas de maneira pessoal e também de forma profissional cara ao design. Muito obrigado por tudo e nunca vou me a esquecer dos momentos
passados nessa terra.
Alex Del Fresno Sanchez