David López - Brescia, Itàlia



My Erasmus mobility has been an unforgettable experience. At 38, I would have never imagined to be able to live such an experience.

My mobility was to Brescia, in the North of Italy. The LABA Design School is a little, modern school where it is easy interact to with teachers and schoolmates.

Lodging is one of the most important things to take into account before leaving. So as not to worry, I was able to find a fantastic apartment through Airbnb. We had all kinds of facilities at hand and very good transportation means.

The Erasmus Coordinator there was wonderful and treated us really well during our whole mobility. She deserves an A! The problem was that some teachers didn’t know that there were Erasmus students in their class but it was not a big deal.

As for the Italian language, I think it is important to learn some before leaving. At the beginning it was really strange for me to hear Italian all the time and not to be able to speak Catalan. However, you get used to it gradually. Thanks to the OLS online course you can learn day by day. It is really interesting to learn such a language, which looks easy but is rather complicated.

As for classes, teachers and classmates, everything was great, no complaints! You get to meet Erasmus students from other countries and can practise English. Besides, you get to know the city, to travel and to discover new experiences and places.

With this experience I have learned that the world doesn’t end in my hometown. When you travel, your eyes open up, your are willing to learn and not to stop growing up as a person. I think that everybody whould do an Erasmus mobility and take advantage of this opportunity.

The only disadvantage may be the expenses. I believe that you have to have enough money because you will have a bad time otherwise. You have to learn not to waste and to make the most of this experience.

There is time for everything: studying, travelling, partying with moderation. You always have to take into account that you are representing your school abroad and your behavior is important. Your Erasmus mobility doesn’t mean that you can do anything. In summary, you have to be able to follow the rules and be a world citizen.

I would like to thank Toni Garcia, my Erasmus Coordinator at Vic, for all his support, patience and help throughout all my stay. Also, I would like to thank Viviana Marenda, Brescia’s Erasmus Coordinator. She left me speechless and I would like to come back soon to visit.