Tània Yuste - Matosinhos, Portugal



it all started with a lot of excitement and finished with a lot of excitement too, because I didn’t want to lose contact with the people that I met there.

If I have to choose four words to describe this experience, these would be: comradeship, insecurity, learning and party.

I’m really happy to have chosen this university to enjoy my Erasmus mobility. Maybe another place would have been good but Portugal is perfect.

The most positive aspect is that I’m from Barcelona and going to this city has given me some relax that is impossible to get in my city.

Matosinhos has some things that my home institution doesn’t have. For example, the facilities here are much better than at Llotja. It’s brilliant being able to use all the material that you need. And of course, the Cantina: it’s amazing to have a menu for only four euros.

About the teachers, I have to say that they are updated and they teach you with the correct programs. Moreover, most teachers have been very nice to me, maybe because I am Spanish and it’s easier for me to communicate with them. For a Spanish student, it’s an easy life here because we lead similar lifestyles.

I lived right next door to ESAD so it was amazing to be able to sleep one hour more than my colleagues. However, if I had to do it again, I would choose the city center.

A word of advice for Erasmus students: if you want go out and party, you have to keep in mind that transportation is really bad after 1.00 A.M.

Another difference with Spain is the working style, I think my Portuguese colleges worked really relaxed. For example, whenever there was a deadline and some Portuguese students coldn’t make it, some teachers gave them one mor week. I am used to finishing my work on time, so this was strange to me.

I’m going to remeber this exprecience for all my life and I am really grateful for it.