Júlia Reina, Belfast, UK

The experience of Erasmus has become the most satisfying of all my University years. It began as an adventure, and it was kind of scary at the beginning (everything is new and that gives you vertigo) but it never let me down in any way and the good memories could only increase with the mon­ths.
It’s been an incredible experience that’s made me grow up as a person. You learn how to be surrounded by people of all around the world all the time and to spend more and more time with your new family, because that’s what they eventually become.
It’s a personal challenge: meeting new people, new teachers, new modules and different ways of teaching and working, new spaces, new food, shops, cultures... it’s an endless list of new things that you’d never thought could be so great.
Living in Northern Ireland was, no doubt, an amazing time. Belfast itself is not a big city -although you can find there everything you need and even more- but maybe that’s what makes it so lovely; it’s not hard to fall in love with the great beauties that are hidden around Northern Ireland, as well as the charm of its people, which makes you be even more welcome than you already felt.
In conclusion, I will just add that I will never ever regret such a great time and big opportunity I had. If, as a student, you are looking for an Erasmus experience, for me Belfast was a great home for a small part of my life, and I can assure you, you never forget something like that.